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Fringes here, fringes there, fringes everywhere!


Dress/Rochie - HERE
Shoes/Pantofi - Stradivarius
Earrings/Cercei - Six

EN: Fringes, baby! They look so cool! I especially love them in black outfits. This dress from Walktrendy stole my heart! So I dolled up and took her out in the world. :D It was a must, don't you think?
I have lots of outfits that are waiting to be posted, in many of them I even wear jackets, so you can imagine I took the photos a while ago. I haven't managed to load them on the blog, but I hope I will pretty soon. Until then I leave you with the one from today. My lack of inspiration is very noticeable tonight, so I better go before debiting nonsense.
P.S: If you love this dress as much as I do, buy it here

Reinventing the suit


Suit dress/Rochie sacou - HERE
Skirt/Fustă - Front Row Shop
Shoes/Pantofi - Stradivarius
Bag, necklace/Geantă, colier - Meli Melo
Watch/Ceas - random store

EN: The suit dress is very in trend right now. Although I'm not a trend follower, when I love an item I do wear it. I think the suit dress brings more chicness and at the same time sexiness to a look. It can make you more confident and can be easily dressed up or down: perfect for office or a business meeting, but also perfect for a casual day when wore with sneakers. I could also definitely wore the one from today without the skirt if I went clubbing. For day time, not so appropriate without the skirt, because is a bit short. 
I have a busy day, so unfortunately I have to keep it short. Don't forget today is the last day when you can vote for La Bohème as Best Fashion Blog at Digital Divas. The link for the voting is this one: http://www.expremio.com/digitaldivas/. Instead of La Bohème they wrote La Boh, that is me, so just check that box and click the "Vote" button. Thank you!

Despre Digital Divas 2015 și La Bohème nominalizat la categoria Best Fashion Blog


Digital Divas by AVON, evenimentul de referință al comunității digitale feminine din România, are loc în acest an pe 27 mai, la Palatul Bragadiru. Acesta va reuni și celebra într-o atmosferă exclusivistă poveștile definitorii pentru succesul în epoca digitală. 

Pe lângă vedetele și specialiștii online-ului din România, Digital Divas aduce, ca de fiecare dată,  și o perspectivă internațională. Anul acesta îl vom întâlni pe unul dintre cei mai cunoscuți fotografi de modă din lume, globetrotterul Adam Katz Sinding, curatorul siteului Le 21ème.

Reunite sub tema Digital Empowerement, poveștilor de succes din comunitatea de beauty și fashion li se vor alătura cele din domenii noi și surprinzătoare, unde, în ultimul an, au avut loc evenimente notabile pentru online-ul românesc și, în special, online-ul feminin. 

The cool kid on the block


Crop top/Bluză - HERE
Skirt/Fustă - Vero Moda
Sneakers/Teniși - Mim
Watch/Ceas - JORD
Earrings/Cercei - Mini Prix

EN: OK, I confess, I really liked New Kids On The Block in my teenager years. That's why the title of this post. I even had posters with them, in fact I had posters with a lot of musicians and actors. They were all duct taped to my closet. :)) It looked like an altar. What music band you loved most when you were a teenager?
And although the title says "cool kid" I wasn't that cool kid everyone loved. I was the misfit, the weird, the kid that played football or handball with the boys, dressed in loose clothes or in sports shorts (you know why, for the football). I was the best at skanderberg, I was the one studying and reading when everyone else was going out, I've collected stamps and chewing gum surprises (Turbo mostly). I was the kid that would rebel and fight for everyone's rights. I hated injustice, I still do. I was the kid that wasn't afraid of anything and thought conquering the world was a piece of cake.
I frequently miss that kid.
I became the woman I am today because of that kid. I've had a lot of difficulties and hard times along the way, but I do hope a part of that kid is still here. I just need to bring it to surface.
But today you will see the woman, that sometimes acts like a kid (a photo below will show you that :))) and sometimes is more serious than an elder.
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