Make every moment count!


Sweater/Pulover - second hand store
Jeans/Blugi - H&M
Boots/Ghete - Romwe
Earrings/Cercei - Six
Bracelet/Brățară - Sammydress 

EN: Hello, sugar pies! I'm sure we are all excited about the weekend, but have you ever thought that always waiting for the weekend, waiting for the spring, waiting for that big change in your life only means that we are postponing our happiness!? We should enjoy every day, why wait for a specific moment when we can make THIS moment count! The days that we want to pass by are important days in our lives, we can never have them back, so we might as well take advantage of them and try to make the best out of them. Don't you agree? I don't want to wait anymore for something incredible to happen so my life will change, I want to make that moment happen. It might not be simple, but it is possible.

Lansare colecție Candy, Meli Melo Prespring 2015 [RO only]


De mâine, 30 ianuarie, Meli Melo vă pregătește o surpriză în magazine și online: lansarea colecției prespring 2015, CANDY, inspirată de femeia delicată, romantică, feminină si elegantă.

Această poveste te va conduce spre o lume simplă si inocentă. 
Imaginează-ți o grădină plină de flori în culori pastel și un miros îmbietor de bomboane! Instant, totul va deveni „dulce”.

Top 10 dresses for spring under 20$


Hello, sweeties! Although is still freaking cold in Romania, I'm thinking of spring, as I am sure many of you do. Can't wait for it to arrive and rock those spring dresses I have in my closet. With that in mind I had the idea of showing you a top 10 spring dresses under 20$ that will make your spring even more wonderful. 10 dresses that will sure give you that extra chicness you were looking for.
Just check them out and tell me which one is your favorite. In no particular order here they are:

Urban-chic look for winter


Vest/Vestă - LJR
Sweater/Pulover - Terrranova
Pants/Pantaloni - Stradivarius
Collar/Guler - Pimkie
Earrings/Cercei - Six
Boots/Cizme - Filty

EN: I think taking outfit photos in the winter should be an Olympic game.  It needs training, strength, a strong mind and body. :)) Unfortunately no medal comes out of it. Maybe in the future this will change and we will get the appreciation we deserve. :))) Don't you, fellow bloggers, agree?
I'm wearing some old items in this look, both vest and sweater are at least 7 years old, but still in great condition. The truth is I haven't worn them in a while. I've added a pair of faux leather pants and went for a urban-chic look.
In case you didn't notice my blog has a new template. Now the questions are: do you like it, do you find it easy to navigate, what else would you like to be added on this page?
I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out, Maira from Maira Gall did a great job! Thank you, my dear! :)
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