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Fall is here


Yes, yes, I know, I gained some weight, not some, a lot of weight. Almost 10 kilograms, but trust me I will get rid of it soon:) So don't mind the chubby face and my round shape:)):)) This look is from September too, as the last one. I'm wearing a gray dress with a female portrait from the victorian era.
The cardigan is a gift from my brother and his girlfriend, they bought it on their trip to London. The shoes I reedemed from a chic swap at Chictopia .
The photos are not that great, I was in a hurry and didn't had time for a photoshoot.

Cardigan- Primark
Dress- Glow
Shoes- Nine West
Cat brooch- from a fair
Purse- Terranova
Ring- Dulapul Bunicii

On another note: the beautiful Angie from Papillon Chouette  tagged me for " The Versatile Blogger" Award, so I have to tell 7 things about me. I have no idea what to write. I will just begin writing and see what comes up:D

1. I just finished college this year, Public Relations and Communication, and I want to start a master.
2. I'm 27 years old and still not sure what I want to do in life:P, I hope I will find out until I will be 30:)
3. I love fashion, but I don't follow trends and don't watch the collections that appear every season and don't know much about designers either.
4. I love handmade things, I have more accesories than clothes. Most of them I didn't had the chance to wear them yet, but I still buy more.
5. If I will ever have enough money I will open many animal shelters, I definitely love animals more than I love humans.
6. I'm in a relationship for 7 years, in fact on 13th February next year is our 7 years anniversary.
7. I don't believe in marriage and I don't want to get married.  I'm not a big fan of kids either.

That's it!

I understand that now I have to tag 5 bloggers too. Love to know about:


  1. Thank you so much for tagging me, I will write 7 things about me in my next post. I don't believe in marriage either but congratulations for having such a long term relationship.

  2. cutish :D hmm. I love the dress, also the outfit, so simple, it looks very comfty and is chic. Hmmm, I'm writing now the 7 things about me.. check my blog in a few minutes. kisses

  3. @Laura: Don't mention it, I always like to know new things about the people I like:)..and thank you!
    @Sandra: Thanks for liking the outfit! Gonna check your blog now!

  4. such a great everyday look, the cardigan looks so cosy!! xxx

  5. It's a lovely graphic on the dress!

  6. You look very cool and relaxed and not chubby! 7 years- that seems almost unreal to me:))))

  7. I love this look! You are so pretty!!!
    Thanks for visiting me!
    xoxo Annie

  8. Thank you!..I'm far from pretty in these pics, they turned out so bad! It was my pleasure to visit your blog!

  9. @Sarah: Thanks! the cardi really is soft and cosy!
    @Terri: I love the graphic myself!
    @Alice: Why, thank you!..7 years seems unreal for me too..I am " when that f**k that happened?!":))

  10. @Alice:I meant to say "when THE f**k that happened?!"
    @The New:Yessss, I like it too:P Tell me if you want me to mention your blog when I'm wearing something from you.

  11. wow, 27 de ani! multi inainte, iti dadeam maxim 23.

  12. Hehe..multumesc tare mult! Intotdeauna ma bucur cand cineva crede ca sunt mai tinerica:P


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