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Sleepless night


Last night I couldn't sleep..again and as always and an idea came to my mind: why not post some of the outfits I wore last year and didn't had the chance to show it to you?!! Didn't found an answer to "why not?" and I decided to show them. It's going to be a long list, so be prepared..here I come!:D
What is your favorite from them?



  1. i love all your tights! and those vintagey pants in the second to last photo!


  2. What a great way to spend a sleepless night! I enjoyed looking at all of these ...such fun! Great work...

  3. Great idea! I think we all have tons of outfits that never get online! ~Serene

  4. Lots of outfits, dang girl! I love the first mainly because tights are awesome and those are awesome. And the last with that leather skirt is so cool. AAAND the one with the blue oat and pretty heart socks. You have such fun legwear!

  5. Cel mai mult imi place cea de-a doua tinuta si cea cu paltonul albastru !

  6. love your layered looks!!! Im so jealous of the circle scarf you were wearing in one of your shots...anyways love your log design and I'm following!!


  7. @Annika: I'm a big fan of tights:) And I'm loving those pants too, too bad they don't fit me anymore:(

    @Pam: Sleepless nights have a good side too:) Glad you like them, thank you!

    @The Elegant Bohemian: You should do a thing like this too;)

    @modniza: Thanks..funny it's my middle name:P

    @Ali: Lots of outfits indeed and I have a lot more where those came from:) Happy you like them! Thanks!

    @Iulia: Mersi, cea cu paltonul e si una dintre preferatele mele.

    @akaCola: Thank you! Off to check your blog now:)

  8. Hi gorgeous!

    I love your looks and photos, they are so fun and fabulous! You look pretty in all of them, but most of them I love... omg!... all of them ! :)
    great idea to post all unposted last year looks!

    xo Ra

  9. Too cute! I especially love the outfits with the doll motifs, the heart stockings, and the wide leg pants.

    much love.

  10. I really love the tights you're wearing in the first photo!!!

    xoxo mama wolf.

  11. wow, I just love it :)



  12. i love the green coat outfit the most! and the one with the blue coat! and the floral trousers! :) nice set of photos!


  13. Cool idea! I can't decide which one is my favourite because I looove all of your cute patterned tights and socks and also this adorable checkered butterfly dress! :D

  14. these are such a great collection of outfits! love all of them!

  15. nice outfits! the second is my favourite.xx


  16. LOVE LOVE LOVE that green coat!

  17. You just amaze me from time to time! I just love your style! Yeah.. every single one of them!

    Have a marvelous weekend! (:
    Sanny's Head to Heart

  18. why didn't you post them before :o they are great!! (I do recognize a lot from chictopia, am I right?) love the first two and after that it's difficult to say, but love the white dress, the floral pants, etc etc :) chic!

  19. @Ramona: Hey, hey! Thank you so much, happy that you like them!:*:*

    @The Fancy Teacup: Thanks, always sweet!

    @Mama Wolf: One of my favorites too. Thanks!

    @minnja: Glad you like them, thanks!

    @Reg: I love my green coat too! thanks!

    @Bad Taste Toast: I'm a big fan of tights:) Thanks!

    @Jennifer: Really happy you like them! thanks!

    @Alina A: Thanks!

    @gangsterpixie: Love it too, girl!

    @Sanny: Sanny, you are the greatest! Your comment just made my day! Thank you so, so much!

    @Angie: All of them are from chictopia:)Love that you like them!:*

  20. the first one is def. my fav.!! Love the tights! <3 btw. it's me candy_la_pop from chictopia ;)

  21. cineva sa-i spuna fetei asteia esentialul!Draga Mona,lasa-te de fustite scurte combinate cu ciorapii peste genunchi.Cauta sa maschezi grosimea picioarelor cu fuste ceva mai lungi ori dresuri inchise ca si culoare.
    E pacat ca totusi nu ti-ai dat seama pana acum.

  22. ia-ti haine pe masura ta.Cu hainute mai mici,doar de dragul lor nu vei reusi decat sa pari si mai...rotunda.

  23. Draga anonim, imi place cum toti stiu sa faca un comentariu negativ numai sub protectia anonimatului! Sunt oricand deschisa sfaturilor si criticilor constructive, dar tonul cu care imi dai tu aceste "sfaturi" nu mi se pare tocmai prietenos. E curios cum dintr-un sir de 22 de tinute, tu ai observat doar tinuta in care port sosete peste genunchi, iar celelalte unde port chiar ce ai zis tu: fuste si rochii mai lungi, ciorapi inchisi la culoare, pantaloni au devenit invizibile pentru tine. Tocmai pentru ca am luat cateva kg in plus nu prea mai port sosete peste genunchi (de aceea aici am doar o tinuta asa), iar acolo ce este gresit mai mult este faptul ca port botine care alaturate sosetelor si dresului imi portioneaza piciorul si il face mai scurt, ar fi fost mai ok niste pantofi decupati. Si te rog, spune-mi unde ti se pare tie ca am hainute prea mici..care sunt acele tinute?

  24. Imi place stilul tau atat de colorat si vesel :X

  25. Really lovely recap

  26. ce dragut e paltonul tau albastru si fusta de piele :x

  27. Imi plac toate, mai ales prima si ultima ;) you're sweet and funny ;)


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