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Shoe me all day long!


YES, today it's all about the shoes, although I'm not a shoe person and I don't own too many pairs of shoes( maybe because I have such a small feet and I can't find anything that I like in my size-how I hate that! I wear an EU35/US5/UK2½). This selection of shoes is from ModCloth, a site that I love, not only for the shoes, but for all the clothes and accessories.
But enough with the talking, let's just enjoy these beautiful shoes! I adore them!

Floral love!


This will rock my world!

Wedge+flower=Big love



One of my favorites! 

Great color!

Peacocks! Peacocks!

Yellow jellow!:P

Retro chic

Lace me up!

Sexy red



The little bow


  1. wowwww all of them are super cute <3

  2. some of these are supper super cool

  3. toate imi plac!!!!!!!!!!ma bucur ca nu numai eu sunt in love with shoes...super.

  4. oh wow I want ALL of these, especially the different platform sandals! and you do have tiny feet, haha

  5. Shoe me all day long too.And all week long.And all month long.And...you get the point:D
    Eu zic ca esti norocoasa totusi ca porti asa marime mica pentru ca gasesti tot ce vrei la reduceri, nu? Mama asa pateste, si ea poarta tot 35m uneori 36.
    Superba selectie dar cel mai mult imi plac aia cu rosu si albastru:-" Frumosi tare:))


  6. da, i-as cumpara pe toti! da cei galbeni mi-au ramas la sufletel :******

  7. They are fabulous, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Are you sure they don´t make them in your size???

  8. cute, cute cute! They are all so cute!

  9. oh if it wasnt for the international shipping and extra tax, i'd be in debt because of modcloth. These are all too cute!

  10. Almost there ! I am 217 ! Newest follower. Follow back ?! Love your style and love your blog !!

  11. drools! really love shoes as well! it's what i would look for when i am in a mall.

  12. Oh my gosh, great shoes for the summer!

  13. I love them all! I really cannot choose a favorite!



  14. Nice shoes. I like the most the violet/plum ones.


  15. love the first pair and the yellow one :)

  16. I love the first two you put on here best!! I think I've seen the ones with the "gems" on the heels in real life... love them, but the first two are more "me"

    I own so many shoes, I am not really a shoe person, I am an everything-person :D I have everything quite a lot: coats, purses, belts, scarves, shoes, necklaces, etc etc.

    I don't know how many shoes I own so here I'll make a summary of their discriptions for you:

    - red flats
    - tiger striped flats
    - brogues aka oxfords
    - flat boots (up to the knee, but broken now :s zipper)
    - boots with high heels
    - pink pumps
    - brown pumps
    - denim sandal pumps
    - green --> black pumps (broken, should throw them away)
    - nude pumps
    - extremely high ankle boots
    - extremely high ankle boots with faux sheep wool in them
    - yellow pumps (but these are broken, I just need to throw them out)
    - red heels with white dotted part in some shiny material (don't know the name in English nor Dutch)
    - black sandal wedges
    - pink boots (from New York)
    - beige butterfly wedges (from New York)
    - Jessica Simpson t-strap shoes
    - black boots with a wedge-heel

    I am embarrased that I'm not finished yet :s I should stop buying shoes...
    - grey sandal shoes
    - black boots looking sandal shoes
    - blue fabric heeled shoes (like sneakers on heels)
    - brown boots (never bought them, my sisters shoes were broken one day after purchase so she got to pick new ones, since she didn't find any she liked, I got to pick ones, this happened years and years ago, but since they are still good as new... they'll still work)
    - another pair of pink boots, but these I have owned for 6 years now :) they are not as bright as they used to be...
    - brown strappy wedges
    - brown pumps with a thick heel
    - black knee high boots
    - white wedges (sneaker looking)

    OMG not finished yet
    - black wedge boots
    - black small heeled boots that end before the ankle

    I guess that's almost all of them... if I ever ask you should I buy these or those shoes: please say no ;) this is rediculous... (since I don't have that many feet)

    Hope you didn't mind my little summary...



  17. well.. i'm a shoe person so i love this post! i really love the blue wedges!!:) By the way We're hosting a Giveaway on our blog!:)Come and take a look!


  18. Gawd I'm in love with the floral ones in the first picture! So so cute!

  19. @Cecille: Indeed!

    @Sandra: Yup, they are!

    @Jean-Pierre: ModCloth has some great shoes!

    @modniza: Pacat ca eu nu prea gasesc marimea mea la nimic,din toti pantofii enumerati aici doar la unii exista marimea 35 si aceea era data:(

    @Annebeth: Yes, unfortunately, I do!

    @Andreea: Din pacate, nu e asa, intotdeauna eu la reduceri am gasit doar marimi mari, cateodata am gasit 36, dar nu mi se potriveau:(

    @stilistele: Cei galbeni sunt printre preferatii mei:)

    @sacramento: No, just one pair was size 5 and they were selled out:(

    @Living_in_aShoe: You can say that again!

    @Certain Vintage: Yeah, me too!:D

    @Frenchy:Thank you so much, I'm following you too.

    @thechyrelgomez: Drools here too:))

    @Moniek: Yessss!

    @Dylana Suarez: Me neither, they are all so beautiful!

    @Victoria West: That is a great choice!

    @Simos: I so love the first pair too!

    @papillon.chouette: yes, the first ones are to die for and WOW, you do have a lot of shoes! I envy you, give me some! I wish I had half of what you got!

    @dakotad: I'm so glad you like it! Thanks!

    @Fashion Fabrice: Thanks, going to check your giveaway now!

    @Bad Taste Toast: Me too, me too!:)


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