After shoes, comes skirts


Remember I was selling a couple pairs of shoes some time ago? Well today it's skirts turn to go to sale, but again only for my romanian readers.


Fusta Zara TRF, noua, cu eticheta, marimea L-Pret 35 RON

Fusta Bershka, noua, cu eticheta, imitatie piele intoarsa, marimea 40-Pret 35 RON

La achizitionarea ambelor produse pretul total scade la 60 RON.
Daca doriti, pot face poze fustelor, dar arata exact ca in imaginile de mai sus.
Daca sunteti interesate lasati un comentariu la aceasta postare sau trimiteti un e-mail la adresa: boheme.fille(at)yahoo(dot)com. 


  1. they look lovely...daca n-as avea probleme serioase de fi a hell of a catch! ;))

  2. Great skirts, I especially love the second one! So cool and edgy!

  3. Yup, too bad that the second one doesn't fit me!:( and the first one doesn't advantage my body type.

  4. Ce faaaaine poze le-ai facut :x
    Super tare, mult succes cu vanzarea !

  5. omggg those skirts are just to die for!!! i love it!

    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  6. love the blue color of the first skirt but the form from the second one is very special :)

    ps: you can still join our giveaway


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