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Be fabulous at your prom!


Is March already, just three more months and many of you will graduate high school or college. I'm sure you now ask yourselves: "What I will wear?"You can opt to find your prom dress online. Is easier, comfortable, the variety of models is very high and the prices are for every pocket. 
I didn't had a prom when I finished high school (so many years ago), maybe that is why I frequently look at sites where this type of dresses are sold. They are enchanting, so I envy those of you who will get to wear a dress like that. A few advices: don't go overboard with the accessories, the simpler, the better, especially if your dress has beaded or sequined details. Go for a light hairstyle, not too fancy, avoiding the hairspray excess, the hair has to breath and to look natural. Choose the dress appropriate for your body type, it doesn't matter if you think a dress is gorgeous, if you think is not right for your body shape, don't buy it. Buy one that is and trust me you will feel a lot better.  
Below are a few of my proposals for your prom dress.

Be fabulous!


  1. Mie imi place rochia din a doua imagine <3

  2. Vai cat de frumoase pot sa fie!Nu as putea sa ma decid doar asupra unui singur model preferat pentru ca sunt minunate...



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