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What to wear: Prom


Not so long ago I was talking you about prom dresses. Guess what? Today I'm doing it again. Why is that, you ask? Well, because I found some gorgeous ones. You remember my advices on how to wear them, right? If not, I will tell you againdon't go overboard with the accessories, the simpler, the better, especially if your dress has beaded or sequined details. Go for a light hairstyle, not too fancy, avoiding the hairspray excess, the hair has to breath and to look natural. Choose the dress appropriate for your body type, it doesn't matter if you think a dress is gorgeous, if you think is not right for your body shape, don't buy it. Buy one that is and trust me you will feel a lot better.  
This season I recommend pastels, gold or silver or bright colors.
Here are the prom dresses 2014.

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