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Sweaters & blazers for fall


Is sweater weather! The rainy season is here, so is blazer weather too. :) We all like to feel cozy, but we must not forget about the chic factor. Cozy doesn't imply the absence of chicness. This fall we can wear elegant blazers, fancy knitted sweaters. We can go wild and wear cool prints, bold colors. 
Don't be afraid to choose new styles, go out of your comfort zone, experiment and you will like it. 
Here are some suggestions. Which one would you pick?

1. HERE, 2. HERE, 3. HERE, 4. HERE

1. HERE, 2. HERE, 3. HERE, 4. HERE


  1. Foarte inspirate alegerile tale! Pupici!

  2. 3 din al doilea set! N-am comandat de la ei niciodata, dar ma tenteaza tare!


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