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Meet my earrings 5


I know, I know, I didn't posted an outfit in ages...I promise I will do that in my next post, scout's word! ;)
Now I will continue with my earrings collection, yeah that huge earrings collection I was talking about on my previous posts( Meet my earrings 1, 2, 3, 4)..and yeah, those earrings that I haven't worn for half an year!

P.S: When I will reach 500 "likes" on my facebook page I will do another giveaway! So feel free to "like" me, you guys!

1. Tools - Forever Young, 2. Stork and baby - Tricks Box, 3. Bones - I forgot the name of the creator, 4. Leather and Wire - BWE

1,2,3 - random stores, 4. Grey Buttons - Terranova

1. "Pearls" - Accessorize, 2. Dolls - Forever Young, 3. Blue buttons - gift, 4. Black semi-circles - random store


Meet my earrings 2


Since a few weeks ago I lost all the data from my computer, including all the outfits I've wanted to post here, I will continue posting  my earrings collection. I do miss showing you outfits though, so I promise I will very soon!

I think that I didn't told you in the last post but I have almost 150 earrings (I'm an earrings freak I know!). Yeah, give me earrings and you will make me happy!:) If you haven't seen the first part of my collection, here it is: Meet my earrings 1.  Enjoy the second part now!:)

1. Masks-Meli Melo, 2. Vintage feel-Accesorize, 3. Korn dolls- sorry, I forgot the name of the artist, 4. Bows-Ruxish Concepts

1. Lace-Ribbon line, 2. Butterflies-Accesorize, 3.from Kenvelo, 4. Tulle and wire-BWE

1. Green-ish-Ribbon line , 2. Tea and cupcakes-Darkchocolate-fairy, 3.Roses-Meli Melo, 4. Blue-random store

Which pair you like the most?

P.S: I keep seeing my photos pixelated, unclear and I don't know why. Do you have any idea?

In a sea of blue/Giveaway


Boys and girls, I've decided to do an international giveaway when I will reach 220 followers. Now I have 200 (thank you so much!) and counting. I have in mind a great prize or some great prizes, but I wanted to ask you anyway: what would you like to win in a giveaway?? Is it clothes, is it accessories, is it cosmetics? What do you fancy?:) I look forward to read your answers. Until then don't forget about the giveaway I'm holding now for my romanian readers: handmade giveaway!

Now I will leave with a cute little outfit:) I went shopping wearing this blue coat (don't you just love that blue?!) with one of my favorite piece of clothing: the otk socks. I couldn't leave the house without some accessories, so I put on two lovely handmade brooches and a handmade lace ring.

Hope you like it!

Shoes-Nine West
Brooch-Biba Bijoux

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