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Favorite international blogs - Fashion


More then a year ago I was showing you my favorite Romanian fashion bloggers at that moment and now I've made a list with a few of my favorite international fashion bloggers. Here they are:

Jessica from Vintage Virgin
She's the queen of bold, vintage style!

Lucy from Daily Disguise
Love the way she mix&matches in her looks and the "5 Ways To Wear A..." section is very inspirational.

Aminta from Aminta Online
You say Aminta and you say eclectic, colorful style!

Chantal from cocorosa
A urban lady that's pairing the pretty with the rough like no other!

Davie and Erica from LP Fashion Philosophy
These two can rock any style!

Adam from I Am Galla
Ask me about a guy with chic, fun looks and I'm going to tell you about Adam!

Perfect lovely, flirty style!

Ivelina from FriChic
The master of modern style! She can make any combo work!

Analisa from Rouge Fox
Fun, quirky style! Analisa is the girl who makes the most beautiful combos!

Share your favorite blogs with me. Would love to discover new ones!

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