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Cocomelody: designer wedding dresses


Wedding season is in full bloom. If you are planning yours and you are yet to purchase the wedding dress I have just the perfect website for you. I'm talking about Cocomelody. An website where the contemporary bride can find the dress of her dreams. If you are looking for femininity and romantism you can choose a Lily White wedding dress, if you want a daring, provocative one go with Ida Torez, for extra elegance and beauty Grace Luxury will be the right choice, if you want a vintage-inspired dress go with LB Studio. There are many options of designer wedding dresses. You just need to find the one that it suits you better.

Wedding trends: backless wedding dresses from Cocomelody


Now with spring coming the wedding season begins. Is time for the brides to get everything prepared for their dream wedding. The wedding dress is one of the most important things that needs to be taken care of before anything else.

This season the backless wedding dresses are a big hit. They are very chic and trendy. Sexy without showing too much. Made of fine fabrics and with interesting designs, these dresses are the definition of elegance. You can go for one made of lace or maybe organza or tulle, regardless of your choice the fact that you will look stunning is guaranteed.
I know most of you future brides are really busy with all the preparations for the upcoming wedding so you don't have time to stroll the shops, so buying your dress online is a great alternative, especially because it is made with your measurements. You can find gorgeous wedding dresses on Cocomelody.
These sexy backless wedding dresses will make you feel exquisite. Choose the one that you think fits your taste the most and be the queen on one of the biggest days of your life.

Be the perfect bride with Cocomelody


The wedding day is one of the most important day in the life of a couple. Both lovers want to have a special day, like no other, although we all know women are bridezillas. The most important thing for us, women, is the wedding dress. We put a lot of effort and time in finding the perfect dressCocomelody gives us many options to choose from. There are plenty of models that will make you say WOW, trust me! I'm here to make your choice even more difficult. :)) I'm sure you appreciate that. :) So if you are getting married somewhere in the near future, you can check out these 2016 wedding dresses. They're charming, very chic and special. The lovely details make them unique, just like the way you will feel when your destiny will be tide with your loved one. I made a selection of dresses that are not common, because I like things that are different, that can make you stand out. And what better day to stand out than your wedding day?
You can get the perfect dress for your body shape, silhouette, style in the price range you want. 
I know many of you dream of a wedding in summer, on a beautiful beach, hearing the sound of the waves. For that you sure need to have a proper dress. The beach wedding dresses are light, flowy and of course really pretty.
I did some research for you and found these beautiful dresses. Take a look. :)

The best homecoming dresses from Cocomelody


Is summer already and we are all excited for the great things to come. Homecoming will not take place until fall, but that doesn't mean you can't make plans now. In fact is better to start now, so you won't be all undecided and hectic then. You can start by picking the right dress. I know this might be a tough job, but I know the right thing to make it easier. I'm talking about Cocomelody, an online store that has unique homecoming dresses. You can choose from a variety of dresses, in different fabric, colors, shapes, models. They are also budget friendly. You can find a lot of homecoming dresses under 100 dollars and that's a big plus. 
Today I want to show you some short dresses. I've noticed that most girls are attracted to long dresses, but I want to prove to you that choosing a short one is a perfect decision too. I even find them more appropriate for young girls. They bring more freshness and sexiness to a look and are as classy as the maxi dresses. So don't be afraid to choose a short homecoming dress, you will still look stunning!
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