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My skirt brings all the boys to the yard


Top/Bluză - Pimkie via Kurtmann.ro
Skirt/Fustă - Pull&Bear
Sandals/Sandale - Steve Madden
Necklace/Colier - Estarer

EN: Is weekend so I have for you a simple, casual outfit, maybe appropriate for a walk if you replace the high heels with some sneakers. I thought I should take advantage of these incredibly hot days we're still having and wear again a mini skirt (did the same in this previous post). At least now when the weather allows it I have to bare my legs, because I will definitely miss it in the next months. What surprises me is the fact that although we are having a heat wave, many people still dress like in autumn, just because is September. Come on, guys!
I'm wearing a jeans skirt and a casual-chic top that it seems I didn't picked right, is has a smaller bust than what I possess. :)) You can see that in the photos too, but let's not go there. :))
Is almost my 5 years blog's anniversary, so I have some surprises in store. Stay close! :)

Rock me, rock me, rock me, baby!


Vest/Vestă - Pimkie via Kurtmann.ro
Top/Maiou - Zara via Kurtmann.ro
Sandals/Sandale - Tally Weijl via kurtmann.ro
Earrings, bracelets/Cercei, brățări- random store

EN: Babes, I've missed wearing jeans. I took advantage of the low temperatures we had here more than a week and a half ago and with lots of courage I've put them on. I don't dare to wear long jeans in summer, the heat is criminal. Not to tell you that I was so eager to wear this cool vest! I already imagine many combos for fall. It looks pretty nice paired with this top in tartan print and with a delicate detail, black lace.

I had a rather peaceful week and I must admit I miss some fuss. I hope the weekend will bring the much wanted fun! Fingers crossed! :)

The blonde is wearing fuchsia


Sandals/Sandale - Bershka via Kurtmann.ro
Top/Maiou - Bershka via Kurtmann.ro
Skirt/Fustă - random store
Bag/Geantă - Meli Melo

EN: Yes, instead of posting more often as I said in my latest post, I'm posting even more rarely. Life has been more hectic than I've expected. Every day I have been on the run, so when I finally got a break today my first thought was to make a post on the blog. I missed doing it! 
Of course I'm going to show you soon some photos from the events I've attended lately and they have been a few. I'm also thinking of doing a video in the near future. In fact, I thought for a while about it, but didn't had the time, nor the patience to learn how to edit a video. But I will! 
About the outfit: is finally a more colorful one. I've noticed that in the last month almost all my outfits included black and not so cheerful colors, like they usually did. A change had to be done so today we're having fuchsia, blue, light pink, white.
The piece of resistance are these cool sandals from Bershka via Kurtmann. That transparent heel is pretty amazing. You agree? And the fact they are comfortable is such a big plus. I could wear them non-stop.
Tell me, which colors you love to wear in summer?
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