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Alternatives to Google Reader


Hello, guys! As you probably know Google Reader is closing tomorrow, so I thought I make a list with alternatives in case you still want to follow my posts (and I really hope you do :D).

1. Bloglovin' - You can import your RSS subscriptions from Google Reader to Bloglovin'. First step, click this link: http://www.bloglovin.com/import/reader, it will take you to this page:
All you need to do now is click the blue button "Import from Google Reader" and that's it! You can now read your favorite blogs on Bloglovin'.

2.  Feedly - Is easy to use and you can import from Google Reader too just by clicking one button.

3. Facebook - I use Facebook a lot. I have a special account for my blog: La Bohème.

4. Twitter - I don't post that often there, but you can still keep up with my post on @LaBohemeFille.

5. Pinterest - Also not a big user of this one, but I always post my outfits there: Simona Floroaia.

See you on one of these platforms or maybe on more than one!

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