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Headband delight


Hello, lovelies

Today's outfit revolves around this beautiful headband that Daria from Kittenhood created. I picked this baby from her spring/summer collection called Road Candy, a collection full of delicate and wonderful accessories just perfect for sunny days. I find this headband gorgeous and it does make me think of sweets and candies-yummy!
You can shop the collection here!
Initially I had in mind another outfit, but I didn't received yet the item I wanted to include. So soon you're going to see a new outfit with this headband.

As you already know(if you are a reader of my blog) I love colors! That means be prepared to dive in a world of color!:)

Tights-Laura Baldini

My brother and today's photographer:)
Does my photos look blurry and pixelate to you? Because I see them that way and I don't know if it's my computer or the blog.
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