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Summer sale on SheIn: up to 80% off


Ay, ay, ay, que calor! Summer is in full swing. I can only think of sandy beaches, the blue sea, the warm sun, the flirty looks, the tanned skin. Hot weather asks for easy-breezy clothes. I'm a sucker for summer items that are easy to wear, but chic at the same time. Lately I like more practical designs. 
If you're planning on going shopping I have a huge tip for you: SheIn has some AMAZING SALES, up to 80% off on lots of products. So hurry up and buy your must-haves for this season. Either is a cozy blouse made of a comfortable fabric, a flowy dress, those shorts you've dreamed of, those cool palazzo pants that are so in this summer, that kimono that protects your skin from all the sun rays.
Here are a few of my picks.

The great combo: short hair, chunky heels and a big smile


Cardigan/Cardigan - SheIn
Top/Bluză - New Yorker
Sandals/Sandale - HERE
Pants/Pantaloni - Mango
Necklace, bracelets/Colier, brățări - Six

EN: Hey, guys! I finally managed to post something, but you know the saying: better late than never. I hope now that the weather is getting better and better to get back to my old schedule.
I'm lacking inspiration for the text today, but I did prepared an interesting one for next time, is about the perks of being a single woman in her thirties, it will be spicy, you have to read it.
Since I've been gone I got a shorter haircut and dyed my hair grey, in the meanwhile my hair grew and the color has faded. :))
These sandals are waiting for some time to be brought to light and now that the weather have became kinder I did just that thing. 
I've chose a simple combo, but I've added some accents to make it a bit more special: the necklace, the bracelets, the sandals.
This being said, have a magnificent weekend, dears!

Spring goodies under 15$


(click the word HERE to go to the item you want)

EN: Uhlala, spring is just around the corner, I can see it watching us and waiting impatiently to come over. Spring means a wardrobe revival and I have just the right ingredients for you to do this: some items that are under 15$, but still look amazing. I love it when clothes don't cost much, but look like a million dollars.

I've made a cute selections for you: from tops to dresses. Trust me, there are a lot more where these came from. Go make your closet spring-ready!

Colorful in this winter wonderland


Coat/Palton - HERE
Sweater/Pulover - H&M
Skirt/Fustă - Choies
Boots/Botine - Bershka via kurtmann.ro
Necklace/Lanțișor - oNecklace
Earrings/Cercei - Six

EN: Hey, hey, lovely ladies! It was about time to post a new look. Of course, as I am a fan of adrenaline, I decided to take these photos when they were -13 °C. No, why take them when it was sunny and nice and my ass wouldn't had the chance to froze?! Where would be the fun? :P
To contrast with the white landscape I wore a colorful outfit, in nice earthy shades. I really enjoy this color combo. I created the look around the brown coat, thinking some green will look great with it, so I played with different shades of this color.
Since I've got these boots I lived in them, they are very comfortable and pretty much look great with anything. 
Hope you like the look and see you soon! ;)

What to Wear: Party dresses


Oh my, the holidays are just around the corner! I'm already excited about Christmas and New Year's Eve. I also can't wait for the parties that are held with these occasions, to get all pampered and classy.  So I was in the search for the perfect dress, and not only that I found one, I found many. Now it will be a hard decision to only pick one. 
Here they are. You tell me which one is your favorite.

The best fall dresses for 2015


Girlies, is October already, I cannot believe it. The cold weather is here to stay. And as a big fan of dresses this makes me a little sad. The good thing is that are plenty of fall dresses we can wear. If it were up to me I would put a dress on no matter the weather. :)
We can choose cool prints, comfy fabrics, interesting cuts and we can make all sorts of beautiful combos. 
I do think you can find some amazing fall dresses on SheIn. You know I often wear their items and they are one of my favorite online stores. Below you can see my suggestions and if you want to know more about a specific dress just click the link. :)

Fall wardrobe: jackets


Dear fall, I'm waiting for you impatiently. I so want to rock my fall wardrobe, I miss layering, is so much fun! But I do have to add some pieces of clothing that are missing for this season. One of them is the jacket. I do own a few, but I always want more. I like to have them in different fabrics, models, colors, so I can combine them with most of my clothes.
We can choose from a lot of on trend items. I personally love biker jackets, bomber jackets, parkas, jackets with cool prints. Cozy up in a pretty jacket and you will feel excellent!
What is great is that we have so many options to chose from. Some of my favorites are listed below. I wouldn't mind if I had them all in my closet.
Let me know which one you like more. :)

1. HERE, 2.HERE, 3.HERE, 4.HERE 

The most orange of them all


Dress/Rochie - HERE
Sneakers/Teniși - Mim
Earrings/Cercei - Mini Prix

EN: It's almost a too quiet night. Or it might be the drowsiness caused by the lack of sleep, or the pouring rain, that makes me feel like this. It has been almost two days since I last slept. My insomnia remembered me and doesn't want to go, but I will make it go! I'm wearing my summer shorts and is the first time in months that I get goose bumps and chills, a clear sign that fall is here. I'm not even sleepy, I just have an overwhelming melancholy. Yes, and a disappointment caused by everything that is happening in my life lately. Stop, this is supposed to be a post about fashion and it has to be! Is far from a personal journal.
Fashion, this is what we talk about. And also about how much orange this outfit has. But it is beautiful! This dress is not the most flattering, but I still like it, God damn it! It will look a lot better on a taller and skinnier person. I just didn't cared about that and wore it anyway. A tip: if you also like it you can find it on sales from 75$ to 17,83$. Wow!
All that is left to say is have the most wonderful weekend!

The culottes - a controversial piece of clothing


Culottes/Fustă-pantalon - HERE
Top/Bluză - random store
Necklace/Colier - HERE
Sandals/Sandale - Steve Madden

EN: Hello, babes! I don't know why all the fuss with the coming of fall when the temperatures here are extremely high and the sun still burns the skin. And I heard is going to be like that for a while. So, the right thing to do is bring you a summer outfit. I was looking for a place to take photos when I came across this London bus parked somewhere in the city. I really liked it, and although my outfit didn't matched with it, I decided to shoot some photos. I'm wearing the controversial culottes, one of my favorite piece of clothing. You hate them or love them. Is no middle way! You can see me rocking a similar pair in this post: Yellow, it's your time to be worn!. I love culottes and I regret not having more pairs, but I need to take care of this issue!
I'm happy my hair has grown a little and I can wear it like that, I really missed it! In fact I wanted to cut it short this month, but when I saw that now I can do more hairdos with it, I decided it to keep like this for now.
Lately I have a thing for boho-hippie necklaces. I ordered the one from today and I'm excited with it. You can find it here at only 4,83$, so go ahead and knock yourself out!
Gotta go, I got some summer to enjoy!

Summer trend: Jumpsuits


EN: Ah, summer, you bring us so much joy with your warm sun! Is so wonderful that we can wear a lot of skirts, shorts, dresses and jumpsuits. And today I want to talk to you about jumpsuits, because they are so IN this season. Either with a floral print, with sexy cuts, all white or with stripes, they are amazing to wear this summer! And when you find them all in SALE is even more amazing! Below I've made a collage with my favorite rompers & jumpsuits that you can find on SheIn at fantastic prices.
Tell me, which one is your favorite?

RO: Ah, vară, ce bucurie ne aduci tu cu soarele tău plăcut! E minunat că putem purta fuste, pantaloni scurți, rochii și salopete cât de mult vrem noi. Iar azi vreau să vă vorbesc pe scurt despre salopete, pentru că sunt tare la modă sezonul ăsta. Chiar dacă sunt cu imprimeu floral, cu tăieturi sexi, albe complet sau cu dungi, toate sunt perfecte pentru a fi purtate în această vară. Și când le găsești pe toate la REDUCERE e și mai bine! Mai jos am făcut câteva colaje cu preferatele mele pe care le găsiți pe SheIn la prețuri incredibil de mici.
Ia ziceți, aveți vreo preferată?


A detail can make the difference


Dress/Rochie - SheIn
Sandals/Sandale - LovelyShoes
Necklace/Mărgele - random store
Bracelet/Brățară - gift

EN: It seems that lately I'm unable to post more often. Must be the summer air that keeps me away from blogging. :D I do have a lot of outfits photographed, so clearly this isn't the problem. And since I have them, I must begin showing them to you. So today we have one casual dress with an interesting detail. If it doesn't have an interesting detail, this girl won't like it. :)) We also have some chunky shoes, why have long sexy legs with a pair of heels when we can wear these shoes?! :)) And accessories, of course! This is the outfit. Make abstraction of the hair, the bangs didn't had their best day. 
The dress is so comfy that I could wear it all summer, if it didn't had long sleeves. I just rolled them for this look.
Dear folks, what can I say, I hope I will "see" you soon. Have a cool day!
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