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Babe, stroll with that black fringed dress!


Dress/Rochie - HERE
Sandals/Sandale - Steve Madden
Earrings/Cercei - Jewelry Box

EN: Unlike other summers, this summer I wore a lot of black. Proof: today's look. Perhaps it fits my current state of mind and therefore I insist with more black.
What can I say, this fringed dress is wow, but it has a "little" drawback: you can see my panties when I stroll like a diva on the streets of Bucharest. :)) And you know that people never stare or make inappropriate comments on the streets. :)) Exactly, they do it even when you are dressed decently.
Now I think you are asking yourself two normal questions: why the hell you went out of the house knowing everyone could see your underwear and how did you walked like that?
The answers are pretty simple: when this lunatic tried on the dress no underwear showed up in the picture (I guess I take bigger steps on the street, maybe a little wind contributed too). As for how did she walked like that: fortunately she had a rather large bag in her hand and held it in front all the way, no, it wasn't obvious she was hiding something. :)))

Maybe you notice a different hairdo too. What do you think about it?
Anyway since I've made these photos my hair color changed considerably. If you follow me on Facebook you know what I'm talking about.

That's it for today, have a cool week! :)

Hair by Armando (Bram's Salon)
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