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The summer of festivals: my outfits


EN: As a teenager I used to like to listen to music. I discovered MTV, the old one, the one that used to have great music and I was impressed. After a while I stoped listening to music, for years I was just listening a song now and then. Everybody thought I was a freak. "How is possible that you don't listen to music?" was a question that I was frequently asked. At one point I had to start listening again, my boyfriend could not function without music, but I was listening only when he was with me, in my moments of solitude was a monumental silence which I adored. Last year, after a defining experience, me and music started to became good friends. So good that this year I attended more concerts than I did in my entire life: Maroon 5, Hollywood Vampires, Rock the City (Muse, Iron Maiden), Creative Fest, Untold Festival, Sunset Festival..and the year is not over yet.
Let me show you a few photos from those events, to be more precise, some of my outfits from those concerts. I haven't done many, I was busy enjoying the music.

I lived many great experiences, I've met cool people, I've tried new things, it was a hell of a summer.
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