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Glam up with some pretty balloons!


Dress/Rochie - HERE
Shoes/Pantofi - Zara
Jacket/Geacă - SheInside
Earrings/Cercei - Crown Fashion

EN: Sweeties, welcome to my blog! I have a very cute post for you today. When I received this gorgeous dress from Chi Chi I instantly thought that I need to make a special photo shoot, because this dress truly deserves it. Some balloons were perfect to add more cuteness to the outfit. The ones from La Party really cheered up the atmosphere. I chose the colors to match my outfit. It was such a fun photo shoot and I hope you like how the photos turned out!
Before I let you enjoy the photos I have to say that this is the most wonderful, feminine and dreamy dress ever. I felt great wearing it! Can easily be worn to a party or a garden party and even to a special event like a wedding. Find the Essie dress right here.
Kisses, my gals!
P.S: Sorry for the overwhelming number of photos. I promise a lot less in my next posts. :)
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