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Despre femeia în costum de baie


Costum de baie - HERE
Kimono - Koton

Măi, măi, aproape se făcu 1 an de când nu mai postai o ținută pe bătrânul blog...stai, stai, că nu-i bătrân deloc de fapt, mai degrabă școlar, că luna asta împlinește 7 ani. Să revin, 1 an ziceam, dar m-am întors. Bine, nu e ca și cum ar fi încetat viața pe pământ dacă nu m-aș fi întors, dar am zis totuși să nu risc. Știi, eu și viața încercăm să fim prieteni la cataramă și nu vreau să pierd asta.
Mnah, nu pot spune totuși "Pe cuvânt de cercetaș!" că asta ar fi ținută, dar vrea să se îndrepte într-acolo. Cum am spus și pe Facebook când am vrut să mă dau mare că voi posta ceva după hăt timp, avem așa: 

- una bucată femeie care s-a trezit taman în septembrie să pozeze în costum de baie, nu ca toate femeile ce se respectă și fac poze pe timp de vară. 

Essentials for summer: breezy clothes & funky swimwear


Wow, is so hot here in Romania! It definitely feels like summer. These high temperatures make
me think of vacation, sandy beaches, sun, a lot of cocktails. :P Hot weather asks for breezy, flowy clothes. Dresses, tops, shorts in soft fabrics are the ideal choices for this season. Go with pastels and bright colors, white is a great option too. Funky prints are in trend and also unusual designs.
I'm a sucker for summer items that are easy to wear, but chic at the same time. Lately I like more practical designs. 
I've made a list of perfect pieces for summer from Chicuu

This chiffon dress is definitely very comfy, but looks great too. The off-the-shoulder design is trendy and the loose fit makes it the right choice for summer when the last thing we want are clothes that are tight. 

Summer is here, pick the perfect swimwear!


Uh-la-la, summer is here! I can only think of sandy beaches, the blue sea, the warm sun, the flirty looks, the tanned skin. I already had a mini-vacation at the sea side a few days ago and the weather was amazing. Hope this summer will be all about this kind of vacations.
We want to look our best when we are relaxing at the beach or the pool, that is why we focus on what swimwear to choose. I know choosing the right swimsuit can give you headaches, so I'm here to make your job easier. You need to know one important thing: pick a bathingsuit that is flattering for your body type. It doesn't matter if you like the model of a swimwear, if it doesn't look great on you it won't make you feel great. I'm sure you can find one that will make you say "Wow" and it will make you feel amazing!
The good thing is that a lot of gorgeous models are on trend right now.

You can go all retro and you won't be wrong, because these pieces are beautiful.
1. HERE, 2. HERE
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