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Fall wardrobe: jackets


Dear fall, I'm waiting for you impatiently. I so want to rock my fall wardrobe, I miss layering, is so much fun! But I do have to add some pieces of clothing that are missing for this season. One of them is the jacket. I do own a few, but I always want more. I like to have them in different fabrics, models, colors, so I can combine them with most of my clothes.
We can choose from a lot of on trend items. I personally love biker jackets, bomber jackets, parkas, jackets with cool prints. Cozy up in a pretty jacket and you will feel excellent!
What is great is that we have so many options to chose from. Some of my favorites are listed below. I wouldn't mind if I had them all in my closet.
Let me know which one you like more. :)

1. HERE, 2.HERE, 3.HERE, 4.HERE 

Roses & biker jacket


Jacket & blouse/Geacă & bluză - SheInside
Pants/Pantaloni - second hand store
Boots/Cizme - Filty

EN: I'm having a bit of a problem with my camera. All of these photos are overexposed and the colors are different from reality (for example these pants are green, they sure don't look green in the photos). Might have been the cold, might have been the humidity, I don't know, but the fact is they don't look good. I was so happy when I found these stairs with the color green because they matched my pants beautifully...but guess what?! I was fooled, because my camera decided that she is in charge with the color palette that day. Do you have this kind of problems with your camera?
God, I know I've said it in a previous post, but I can't believe how often I wore pants lately! Me, the skirts and dresses lover. But now with the spring around the corner I will return to my old habits. Can't wait!
Wish a great week, guys! Ta-ta!
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