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Fringes here, fringes there, fringes everywhere!


Dress/Rochie - HERE
Shoes/Pantofi - Stradivarius
Earrings/Cercei - Six

EN: Fringes, baby! They look so cool! I especially love them in black outfits. This dress from Walktrendy stole my heart! So I dolled up and took her out in the world. :D It was a must, don't you think?
I have lots of outfits that are waiting to be posted, in many of them I even wear jackets, so you can imagine I took the photos a while ago. I haven't managed to load them on the blog, but I hope I will pretty soon. Until then I leave you with the one from today. My lack of inspiration is very noticeable tonight, so I better go before debiting nonsense.
P.S: If you love this dress as much as I do, buy it here

Black and asymmetry


EN: Hello, babes! It's about time you see a new look from me. It's been a while since I wore something black, when I was younger I wore black most of the time, but when I became an adult I felt in love more with colors, although it should've been the other way around: growing older sometimes means dressing more in neutral colors, more appropriate for your age. You can find this lovely asymmetrical dress here at a very reasonable price. My favorite things regarding this dress: the cut-out back and the fact that you can wear it in autumn too with a pair of tights and a cardi.

RO: Salut, dragelor! A trecut ceva vreme de când nu am mai purtat negru și, deși, când eram mai tânără purtam negru aproape tot timpul, când am devenit adult m-am îndrăgostit de culori. Știu că ar fi trebuit să fie chiar invers și odata cu trecerea timpului să adopt ținute în culori neutre, mai potolite, demne de o femeie matură.:D..însă mai am până acolo, cel puțin psihic. Rochia aceasta asimetrică o puteți găsi aici la un preț mai mult decât rezonabil. Lucrurile mele preferate la această rochie: detaliul de la spate și faptul ca poate fi purtată și toamna cu o pereche de dresuri și un cardigan.

Dress/Rochie - Here
Necklace/Colier - Nutcase Fashion
Sandals/Sandale - Modcloth
Rings/Inele - Oasap, Meli Melo
Belt/Curea - random store

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