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Giveaway reminder


Gals, don't forget tomorrow is the last day you can enter my great giveaway! You can win lots and lots of prizes like a dress, three brooches and a pair of earrings. The rules are simple and anyone can enter (open worldwide). Do join in!
Here are some of the prizes...
                                                                .......and the rest of them right here!

Bohemian Sin


So very happy that I won this beautiful prize from Bohemian Sin. Thank you, Eugenia!:) She makes extraordinary accesories perfect for the modern woman, but also for the woman in love with the vintage look. You definitely have to check her work at www.bohemiansin.blogspot.com . You will be charmed by her creations, I know I am.
Soon gonna post also an outfit incorporating the wonderful brooch and ring:)

Meet my brooches & badges


I'm a huge fan of handmade, especially handmade accesories and clothes. I love the originality of the creations, the attention for the details, the dedication with which the crafter makes those works of art, simply AMAZING!
I must admit that I have more accesories then clothes:)

Today you have to meet my brooches & badges collection, not all of them are handmade, but all of them are so pretty. I will mention the creator/store. I'm sorry, but I don't remember from who I bought some of them, especially those bought from faires. Sorry for the rather bad lighting of the photos.

From left to right: 1.MAD, 2.BURP, 3.Qusha, 4.TricksBox, 5.Biba Bijoux, 6.Junkoteque Shop, 7.the little dancers are from a fair

 1.Junkoteque Shop, 2.Ribbonline, 3.Dark chocolate-fairy, 4.BURP, 5.from a fair, 6.BWE

1.from a fair, 2.Ribbonline, 3.Buy Hand, 4.Joliesse Design, 5.from a fair 

1.Melania Lupu, 2.from a fair, 3.Iuia, 4.My mom did this brooch:), 5.Iuia, 6.from a fair

1.from a blouse, 2.Meli Melo, 3.Terranova, 4,5.Meli Melo, 6.Moa

 The lady bird- from my bf, the rest of them from Meli Melo

random stores

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