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A detail can make the difference


Dress/Rochie - SheIn
Sandals/Sandale - LovelyShoes
Necklace/Mărgele - random store
Bracelet/Brățară - gift

EN: It seems that lately I'm unable to post more often. Must be the summer air that keeps me away from blogging. :D I do have a lot of outfits photographed, so clearly this isn't the problem. And since I have them, I must begin showing them to you. So today we have one casual dress with an interesting detail. If it doesn't have an interesting detail, this girl won't like it. :)) We also have some chunky shoes, why have long sexy legs with a pair of heels when we can wear these shoes?! :)) And accessories, of course! This is the outfit. Make abstraction of the hair, the bangs didn't had their best day. 
The dress is so comfy that I could wear it all summer, if it didn't had long sleeves. I just rolled them for this look.
Dear folks, what can I say, I hope I will "see" you soon. Have a cool day!
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