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Blue, do I have a crush on you?!


Skirt/Fustă - HERE 
Dress worn as top/Rochie purtată ca bluză - Atmosphere
Tights/Dresuri - Esmara
Shoes/Pantofi - Stradivarius

EN: Hello, darlings! Hope you had a lovely Easter, those of you who celebrated it this Sunday. I had a nice dinner with my family and after that met up with my girls, Adina & Mihaela, and spent a night full of laughters and fun. You won't believe how crazy girls can get when they are put together in a room for a night. :)) We had the most unbelievable conversations and danced to the worst music. :)) Is a good thing we didn't filmed the experience, if it got in the wrong hands we would have been blackmailed for life. :)))
On another note, this outfit was wore a while ago. It seems I have a thing for blue, although my favorite color is green. I'm pretty much in love with this beaded pleated skirt, is just gorgeous! You can find it on black too. I chose this color because is more appropriate for spring. If you are wondering how you can wear this skirt you can go with a combination similar to mine: a simple top and heels or you can dare more and wear a printed top or shirt.
The shoes were another bargain from Stradivarius online, caught them on sales along with the ones I've showed you here and here and another pair I hadn't worn yet. And I'm not kidding when I say bargain, all 4 pairs cost me 52 euros.
Kisses, gals, and have a fantastic week! ;)

Summer love?!


 How are you, babes?!:) Me, well I'm melting here and it seems the temperatures will be as high as up to mid-September..yucks! I might go to the seaside this weekend though and refresh a little.

About the outfit: the top is actually a dress, but I choose to wear it like that because is too short. I like how the straps of the bra seems to be a part of the top.:) I don't know if you see the little brooch, but is a cute black cat.

Thank you so much new followers..and old followers and the people that always leave me comments! You guys know who you are! You're the best!

Brooch-from a fair

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