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Meet my earrings 6


It's been a while since I didn't made any post with "Meet my..." series. That means today it is time for "Meet my earrings 6". You can see the rest of my collection on my previous posts: Meet my earrings 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. This won't be the last part of my collection, there are more earrings to come! :)

1. Hangers - Meli Melo, 2. Santa Claus - hobbywan, 3 & 4 - random stores

1. Red buttons - Meli Melo, 2. Christmas tree - gift from bf., 3 & 4 - random stores


Meet my earrings 3


I think it's time for the part three of my earrings collection. Don't you think so?:)
Told you is going to be a long series. If someone knows a cure for accessories addiction give me a call! ;)

1.Kitties, slices of apple, bar codes-from a fair, 2.Victory-hobbywan

1.Green monsters-Junkoteque Shop, 2.Mirrors and giraffes-Meli Melo, 3.Round ones-from a fair

 1. Bottles-Meli Melo (like the ones I offered on February's giveaway), 2. All the other ones-random stores

You can check part one and part two here and here.
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