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Make cool combos!


Top/Bluză - HERE
Skirt/Fustă - second hand store
Sandals/Sandale - Milanoo
Ring/Inel - Beatrix Color
Earrings, bracelet/Cercei, brățară - Rossetti
Bag/Geantă - Meli Melo

EN: I'm happy that the weather is still good right now. I can wear my lovely tops and skirts easily. But I do get that melancholy knowing the fall is fast approaching. I will definitely miss to bare my legs and enjoy the warm rays of sunshine. But until then let's take advantage of this beautiful summer.
I'm wearing a lovely top that resemblance very much with our Romanian traditional blouse: ia. This was the main reason I've ordered it. It does have a lovely fabric and I can wear it in numerous combination. I usually try to order clothes that can be worn in many outfits, I love versatility. You should get a top like this too, it will definitely make you feel wonderful and very feminine. 
I leave you with the photos. Have the coolest weekend!

Let's just grow old and never grow up!


EN: This year I will be 31. People say I don't look my age. The thing is I don't feel my age, like they say: we never grow up, we just grow old. I don't act my age, I don't dress my age and it seems that lately I don't make friends my age. :)) Like for example these two pretty girls in their twenties from today's post. I love that this blog gave me the opportunity to meet such nice people! I think this is the most important part of blogging: meeting new people and building friendships.
Today's outfit is fun if you ask me: we have the Romanian traditional blouse, the handmade adorable skirt, the handmade necklace with a rare mushroom (that I sadly discovered broke these days :(((), a snakeskin print bag and the cute, sexy sandals. I like that this outfit is not common, at least in terms of interesting items. What do you think?

RO: Anul ăsta voi împlini 31 de ani. Oamenii îmi spun că nu par de vârsta asta. Chestia este că nu mă simt de vârsta asta, după cum se spune: nu ne maturizăm, doar îmbătrânim. Nu mă comport ca o persoană de 31 de ani, nu mă îmbrac ca o persoană de vârsta mea, iar în ultima vreme nici măcar prieteni de vârsta mea nu îmi fac. :))) Ca de exemplu fetele astea minunate din postarea de azi care încă au prefixul 2. :D Mă bucur că blogul mi-a dat posibilitatea să cunosc oameni grozavi! Cred că asta e cea mai bună parte a blogging-ului: să cunoști oameni noi și să construiești prietenii.
Cred că ținuta de azi e deosebită: avem bluza tradițională românească, ia, adorabila fustă handmade, colierul handmade cu o ciupercă rară (care am găsit-o ruptă zilele trecute :(((), o geantă cu imprimeu piele de șarpe și sandalele sexy. Îmi place că nu e o ținută comună, cel puțin în termeni de piese interesante. Voi ce ziceți?

Top/Bluză - gift from my grandma/cadou de la bunica mea
Skirt/Fustă - Ebony Vintage
Bag/Geantă - Meli Melo
Sandals/Sandale - Zara via kurtmann.ro
Necklace/Colier - Dark Chocolate Fairy

With the gals.
Cu fetilii. :)

With Adina.

With Rux.
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