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Maxi dresses are for short girls too


Dress/Rochie - HERE
Earrings/Cercei - Mini Prix

EN: Oh, melancholy, you are back again! You always come to me when school is almost ready to begin. I have so many sweet memories regarding my school years. I miss that period and I can't believe how many years have passed since then. I have a school/highschool near the apartment I live in and I always hear the teachers and the students on the first day of school when they get together in the yard and announce the begin of a new school year. Is beautiful and I miss it so!
I had to say goodbye to summer with this mini photoshoot in the park wearing this cute maxi dress. I know it is said that horizontal stripes are flattering only for thin girls, but I think I pulled this look off. I don't wear maxi dresses too often, but I do adore them. I can rarely find a dress that is not too long for a short girl like myself. This one is too long too, that is why I had to include the belt. But I still like it nonetheless. What do you think, yey or ney?

Babe, stroll with that black fringed dress!


Dress/Rochie - HERE
Sandals/Sandale - Steve Madden
Earrings/Cercei - Jewelry Box

EN: Unlike other summers, this summer I wore a lot of black. Proof: today's look. Perhaps it fits my current state of mind and therefore I insist with more black.
What can I say, this fringed dress is wow, but it has a "little" drawback: you can see my panties when I stroll like a diva on the streets of Bucharest. :)) And you know that people never stare or make inappropriate comments on the streets. :)) Exactly, they do it even when you are dressed decently.
Now I think you are asking yourself two normal questions: why the hell you went out of the house knowing everyone could see your underwear and how did you walked like that?
The answers are pretty simple: when this lunatic tried on the dress no underwear showed up in the picture (I guess I take bigger steps on the street, maybe a little wind contributed too). As for how did she walked like that: fortunately she had a rather large bag in her hand and held it in front all the way, no, it wasn't obvious she was hiding something. :)))

Maybe you notice a different hairdo too. What do you think about it?
Anyway since I've made these photos my hair color changed considerably. If you follow me on Facebook you know what I'm talking about.

That's it for today, have a cool week! :)

Hair by Armando (Bram's Salon)

I'm no Snow White


EN: I know I've been absent for a while, I needed to put some order in my thoughts and in my life and decide what I want to do next. I admit the idea of giving up on this blog crossed my mind, but I finally decided to keep it running, not only that, but soon it will get an upgrade. Maybe you already noticed that now I'm on dot com. I hope you've missed me, guys, I definitely missed being here. So since this is the first blog post I wish you not only a happy year, but a very happy life full of memorable moments and events!
I'm beginning this year with an all black outfit, but with colorful accessories. I could never let go of what represents me. This perfect little black dress, courtesy of Kurtmann.ro, is a must-have in this season. Why is that? Because it keeps you warm while looking chic. The best combo!
Until next time! Kisses!

RO: Știu că am lipsit ceva vreme de pe blog, aveam nevoie să îmi pune ordine în gânduri și în viață și să decid ce vreau să fac mai departe. Recunosc că ideea de a renunța la blog mi-a trecut prin minte, dar am hotărât să îl păstrez, nu numai asta, dar va avea parte de un upgrade cât de curând. Poate deja ați observat că acum mă găsiți pe www.boheme-fille.com. Sper că v-am lipsit, pentru că mie cu siguranță mi-a fost dor de locul ăsta. Cum asta e prima postare pe anul 2015 vă urez nu numai un an nou fericit, ci o viață fericită plină de momente și evenimente memorabile!
Încep anul cu o ținută all black nerenunțand însă la accesoriile colorate. Nu aș putea să renunț la ceea ce mă reprezintă. Această micuță rochie neagră de pe Kurtmann.ro este un must-have în sezonul de iarnă. De ce? Pentru că îți ține de cald și te face să arăți șic. Cea mai bună combinație!
Ne vedem data viitoare! Vă pup!

Maxi's are the choice for summer!


EN: I love maxi's, but the fact that I'm really short doesn't help at all. But from time to time I find maxi's that work for me, like the one I'm wearing today. I think the cat print and the cut makes it a very special dress. I, for one, love it! Do you? If yes, you can find it here.
And don't worry, I didn't got a tattoo (although I want one)! This one is from Gumtoo and is temporary. I've told you more about this company on one of my latest posts: Wear your mood!, where I rock another temporary tattoo from them. Do check their site. You will surely find something that fits your taste.

RO: Îmi plac rochiile și fustele maxi, însă înălțimea mea (sunt foarte scundă) nu mă ajută să le port. Dar din când în când găsesc câte una pe care o pot purta, cum este cazul celei de astăzi. Cred că imprimeul cu pisică și tăietura sexi o face o rochie foarte specială. Eu, spre exemplu, o iubesc! Voi? Dacă răspunsul este da, o puteți găsi aici.
Și nu vă îngrijorați, nu mi-am făcut un tatuaj (deși aș vrea)! Acesta este de la Gumtoo și este temporar. V-am spus mai multe despre compania aceasta într-una din postările mele anterioare: Wear your mood!, unde am un alt tatuaj temporar de la ei. Neapărat să vă uitați pe site-ul lor, pentru că veți găsi cu siguranță ceva pe gustul vostru.

Dress/Rochie - here
Sandals/Sandale - Oasap
Tattoo/Tatuaj - Gumtoo
Earrings, bag/Cercei, sacoșă - handmade 

With Raluca.

With Pepa.

You can also find me on Facebook - Twitter Bloglovin' - Pinterest.

Maxi's rock my world!


Hey, hey!

Last night I attended a lovely event, the launch of the Community of Fashionistas, but until I will receive some photos ( yeah, I didn't took any myself) I will show you what I wore today.

Today I met this cute little kitten that helped me take some sweet photos (just like Daria did a few days ago). She was adorable!

I'm not a woman of many words today, so I will let you enjoy the photos!

Later edit: Lately I'm getting less and less comments, it's something wrong with blogger? Please e-mail me if you can't comment and tell me about the problem. Thank you, guys!

Clogs-Blowfish Shoes- you can see them better here.
Blazer-no name

Hippie vibe


Hey, loves!

Just a quick post today.

Hope you had a good Easter! Mine was pretty great:)
These photos are from Monday when I, my bf, my brother and his gf and my parents visited the botanical garden. It was a lovely day! Although not all the flowers bloomed and not all the trees were green, I liked the scenery. I even match the scenery in my first photo.:)

I love maxi's! I should definitely buy more maxi dresses and skirts!

Jacket-bought from Mom's vintage
Ring-Meli Melo

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