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Get your perfect dress on sale!


Hello, babes! I know the heat makes it difficult for us to dress elegant, but when we have clothes in light fabrics things get easier. So choose a dress that is easy to wear and let's your skin breathe. On tbdress you can find them and what is even better is that they are on sale. You have plenty of styles to choose from. And the range of prices is pretty wide too,  you can find all sorts of cheap women dresses at tbdress.
I'm a big fan of floral prints and maxi dresses, pleats are also a huge love of mine. I do hope you share these loves of mine, because I want to show you some lovely dresses like that below. Tip: you should take advantage of the TBdress fashion women dresses sale, you can find a dress for any occasion.
Here are some of my favorites:

Christmas sales make online shopping fun!


I can't believe Christmas is almost here! Wow, this year has passed so quickly! I hope I will get into the holiday spirit this year. Shopping for gifts always gets me in that mood. When I find them in sales is even better. For example Dressve has some Christmas sales: http://www.dressve.com/s/christmas-sales on a lot of items: dresses, bags, shoes, tops and outerwears. I got my eyes on some dresses for the holidays, some short, chic ones: http://www.dressve.com/Fashion/Dresses-101703/ and some extra long maxi dresses: http://www.dressve.com/searching/Extra-Long-Maxi-Dresses-For-Tall-Women/ .What do you have on your wishlist for Christmas? My wishlists always contains a lot of items, let's just hope Santa didn't found out that I've been a rather bad girl this year. Shhh!
Talking about winter and stuff, is freezing cold outside and I have not a warm coat. I always have this problem in winter. I think I will pick one from here: http://www.dressve.com/Fashion/Overcoats-101810/, but I'm not sure which one. A little help will be great. What is your favorite?

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