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Meet my necklaces 4


I promise this is the last part of my necklaces collection! Hope you enjoyed seeing my "beauties" until now: Meet my necklace 1, Meet my necklaces 2 and Meet my necklaces 3.

So tell me what is your favorite from this list?

1. Bow-gift from Angie, 2. Matrioska-Meli Melo, 3. Pepper-Biba Bijoux

1. The blue one-from a fair, 2.Skeletons-a gift, 3. Pink-Terranova

1. Wood beads-from a fair, 2. White beads-Terranova 

Meet my necklaces 3


Here it comes, the third part of my necklaces collection, but not the last one. You've seen some of my treasures on the previous posts: Meet my necklaces 1 and Meet my necklaces 2. Hope you will like these ones too.
Also I wanted to tell you that I bought the most wonderful jacket ever, you'll see a photo with it at the end of this post..soon an outfit will come:)

Remember that there are just three days left to enter my giveaway and as soon as I will reach 220 followers I will hold an international giveaway (only 9 followers to go) with some great prizes!

1. Forever Young,   2.Violin-Biba Bijoux

1. Biba Bijoux,  2. Flower-random store,  3. Rocking horse-random store

1. Kiwi-Biba Bijoux,  2. Mirror-random store,  3. Tree with bird-Meli Melo

...and look at the print (roses and a gentleman and ladies from the victorian era) of this jacket I've recently purchased..it's exquisite!

Meet my necklaces 2


Told you that I have a lot of necklaces, so here you have the second part. Which one do you like the most?

1. Painted wood beads-Ruxish, 2. Elephant-Biba Bijoux

 1. Bird free from the cage-Buy Hand, 2. Clock-Meli Melo, 
3. Robot-random store, 4. Cameo-Meli Melo

1. Choker-Terranova, 2. Iron necklace-random store, 3. Rose beads-Terranova

Meet my necklaces 1


Hello, my darlings! Long time, no see. Today I will continue with the accessory series and I will show you a part of my necklaces collection. This collection is the second largest so I will need 3 or 4 posts to show it all to you.
Most of them are handmade by our greatest romanian artists.


1. White Trash-MAD, 2. Skeleton-Forever Young 
3. Cameo-random store, 4. The blue one-Joliesse Design
5. The sweet cloud-BURP

1.  Turquoise with metal-BWE, 2. The birdie-Darkchocolate fairy
3. Rainbow-MAD, 4. High maintenance girl-Plohotnuke

1. WTF-MAD, 2. Little birds-Buy Hand
3. Green lace-Ribbonline, 4. Circles-Meli Melo
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