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Shirt dresses - a must have for fall


Shirt dress/Rochie cămașă - HERE
Oxford shoes/Pantofi oxford - CCC
Jacket/Jachetă - Shein
Otk socks/Șosete peste genunchi - Choies

EN: My lovelies, is really good to be back to blogging. I've missed it. But I'm here to stay. So let's begin this post by showing you my new hair color. Yes, I decided to put my boyfriend to work, to let him experience with my hair. Yes, I was brave, I took that risk, but the result was pretty good. Don't you think so?
On another note, I think that shirt dresses are such a good option for fall. I really like this jeans look-a-like one. On the site says it fits sizes between XS and M, I can even dare to say L, because I'm an M and is pretty loose on me. I wouldn't recommend it for an XS, it would be too large. This shirt dresses are a great alternative to regular dresses and if you want a look that is more urban is the right choice. For this season trench coats are a must-have too, so don't forget to add at least one to your wardrobe. There are plenty to choose from on this wide web.
If you like my shirt dress or you want to find other chic items, you can find them on clearence right here.

High maintenance girl


So that you can't say that I don't keep my promises I'm showing you an outfit today..yey!:)
I think I've told you I love otk socks, but I'm saying it again: I love them!!:) So you're going to see them often, get used to it! Although I would have preferred to wear shoes instead of boots, I think it works like this too.
What I like it's how the cardi looks tied like that, I don't know if you have noticed but this is my long cardi from here.
Really wanted to say something witty on this post, but my mind seems to be blank right now. So for my mind not to be blank:)), suggest me a good book to read.

P.S: If you wonder why this title: those words are written on the necklace. Enigma solved!

Otk socks-Meli Melo
Dress, belt, shoes, tights-no name


Sock it!


My darlings, how you all have been?  Didn't posted an outfit for almost a week I think, but now it's time.
Saturday went to a stand-up comedy show, those of you who are from Romania should check out The Aristocrats who are doing shows every Saturday on Club Prometheus, and this is what I wore. I know everybody wears otk socks these days, but I love them and I'm wearing them from 2 years now and people here still stare like they saw some kind a freak. People aren't that open-minded about fashion in my country. Well they aren't open-minded, period. But I'm used to this, although I admit I wish things were different.
What I like about this outfit are of course the accesories, I'm talking about my handmade belt from Burp and my birdie necklace from Buy Hand . Aren't they cute? Besides the socks and accesories I wear a simple white sweater with nice details on the shoulders, a black pencil skirt with ruffles, black tights, black shoes with low heels. This gray jacket is from when I was 17, that means is 10 years old, but it still looks so darn fine! The floral scarf I bought from Accesorize on sales and it's my favorite scarf.

On another note, I want to start a diet. Anybody from Bucharest who knows a good nutritionist or anybody who knows a great diet (although I prefer to see a doctor before I start a diet)?

Thanks for reading, you guys!

Skirt, shoes, jacket-no name
Otk socks-Golden Point
Necklace-Buy Hand

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