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Clothes versatility


Dress/Rochie - Asos
Blazer/Sacou - Lovelyshoes
Bag/Geantă - Newt
Necklace/Colier - L'Atelier Bijou
Oxfords/Oxforzi - Storets
Heels/Pantofi - Stradivarius
EN: I believe in clothes versatility. I think most of the clothes can be worn in various combinations. You just have to not be afraid to experiment, to dare, to think of the most crazy and unexpected combos, those are the ones that makes an outfit unique. One of the most versatile piece of clothing is the classic little black dress. You have tons of ways you can make a LBD unforgettable. For example in today's post I wear a simple midi black dress, accessorized in both outfits with the same accessories, the only difference is the shoes. And is a big difference, because they transform the outfit from casual to elegant. You see, just a small change and you can create a different look. Think about it, if I've changed the accessories, let's say with some punk-cool ones, and instead of the blazer I wore a jacket, a new outfit had been born. The ways in which you can wear this dress are endless. I would also have loved it with a pair of white sneakers and a bomber or varsity jacket, a sporty-chic ensemble.

Girls, I dare you, next week wear the same item in two different combinations, this will expand your horizon! And please do send me photos of those outfits!
Kisses and have a colorful weekend!

Wine red dress


EN: Hello, babes! Is a moody spring here in Romania, a few hot days followed by many cold and rainy ones. The photos from today were taken last week in a very hot day, almost summery. I chose something comfy: paired this wine red dress with my trusty transparent oxfords for a cool-chic look. I rarely use red in my outfits, but I definitely need to use it more. I think you can pair this wine red dress with almost any other color and it will still look great. I like it even more because you can wear it on spring with a jacket or just like that in summer.
In what color you think you look best?

RO: Salutare! Ce faceți, fetelor? Cum e săptămâna voastră? Și pe voi vă supără vremea asta capricioasă? Pe mine cam da, pentru că m-a împiedicat să fac poze pentru blog. Cele de astăzi sunt făcute săptămâna trecută într-o zi foarte călduroasă, aproape văratică. Am ales ceva confortabil: am combinat rochia asta grena cu dragii mei oxforzi transparenți pentru un look cool-șic. Port rar roșu, dar cu siguranță trebuie să port mai des. Cred că rochia asta grena merge purtată cu aproape orice culoare și tot arată bine. Îmi place și mai mult pentru că o pot purta primăvara cu o jachetă sau doar pe ea și câteva accesorii vara.
Cu ce culoare credeți că vă stă cel mai bine?

Dress/Rochie - Here
Jacket/Jachetă - Here
Shoes/Pantofi - YesStyle
Necklace/Colier - Romwe

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