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Favorite romanian blogs - Handmade


Since last time I've talked about my favorite fashion bloggers, now I decided to talk about the handmade romanian blogs I really love.
The order in which I show them to you is random.

                                       Eugenia from Bohemian Sin
Everytime I see her work I'm speechless!
If you're from Romania you can buy her accessories from breslo.
If you're not, you can buy them from etsy.

Leti does wonders with copper, leather and recycle materials.
You can buy her accessories from her breslo shop.

They make plastic look awesome!
You can buy their items here.

Gabriela and Tiberiu from Herina
I can't believe that someone can do these pieces of art.
Buy their creation here.

She paints the most beautiful bags and does some funny sleeping masks.
You can buy these beauties here

You gotta love them, right?!.

Fun is our middle name! :)


 Although we were pretty tired me and Angie had fun on her last day in Bucharest (almost the last one:P because she left the next morning at 10 am). Went to Herastrau park and visited Muzeul Satului (The Village Museum) and took some funny photos. She wore that beautiful pleated skirt and the top she bought the day before. I just loved her outfit! Don't you think is great?! I wore a more casual outfit with some handmade touches ( the hand painted bag and the adorable brooches).

Dress as a top-handmade by Rutza
Skirt, shoes, blazer-no name

The keeper of the gate! :D

Riding the wild horses! 

Keeping the tradition..both romanian and american (Pepsi):P
 I'm a naughty gal (watch the hand):)))

My brooches
..and bag

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