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The cool kid on the block


Crop top/Bluză - HERE
Skirt/Fustă - Vero Moda
Sneakers/Teniși - Mim
Watch/Ceas - JORD
Earrings/Cercei - Mini Prix

EN: OK, I confess, I really liked New Kids On The Block in my teenager years. That's why the title of this post. I even had posters with them, in fact I had posters with a lot of musicians and actors. They were all duct taped to my closet. :)) It looked like an altar. What music band you loved most when you were a teenager?
And although the title says "cool kid" I wasn't that cool kid everyone loved. I was the misfit, the weird, the kid that played football or handball with the boys, dressed in loose clothes or in sports shorts (you know why, for the football). I was the best at skanderberg, I was the one studying and reading when everyone else was going out, I've collected stamps and chewing gum surprises (Turbo mostly). I was the kid that would rebel and fight for everyone's rights. I hated injustice, I still do. I was the kid that wasn't afraid of anything and thought conquering the world was a piece of cake.
I frequently miss that kid.
I became the woman I am today because of that kid. I've had a lot of difficulties and hard times along the way, but I do hope a part of that kid is still here. I just need to bring it to surface.
But today you will see the woman, that sometimes acts like a kid (a photo below will show you that :))) and sometimes is more serious than an elder.

Women shoes for fall


Shoes. We women have a huge obsession for this accessory. And I can understand why, shoes are so fabulous! We can choose from stilettos, pumps, flats, boots, sneakers, sandals and so on. So many options that can make our live wonderful! :) The good thing about fall is that it is a season where we can wear different types of shoes: boots, flats, pumps.
Now I want to show you some examples of cheap shoes (because of course we love women shoes that look amazing and are inexpensive). I will show you some cheap designer shoes also.
You can find these cheap shoes online here: http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Shoes-101913/.








EN: I'm happy that the weather is still warm enough that I can walk without tights. I'm sure going to miss these temperatures! Below you can see my yesterday's outfit: the blazer and the tiger print dress are from ZLZ. I already own 4 dresses from them and I can tell you they are really great. I'm wearing again this mustache bow tie as a belt, you also saw me wearing it like that in this post. I've created the outfit starting from the bracelet. I've had it for a while and wanted to wear it so I decided to do a look that includes it. Do you do that, create an outfit beginning with the accessories?

RO: Mă bucur că vremea este încă destul de călduroasă încât pot umbla fără dresuri. Cu siguranță îmi vor lipsi temperaturile astea! Mai jos vedeți ținuta mea de ieri: sacoul și rochia cu imprimeu cu tigri sunt de la ZLZ. Deja am 4 rochii de la ei și pot spune că îmi plac foarte mult. Port din nou papionul mustață drept curea, m-ați văzut purtându-l așa și aici. Ținuta am creat-o plecând de la brățară, o aveam de ceva vreme și voiam să o port. Voi faceți asta, creați o ținută începând cu accesoriile?

Blazer, dress/Sacou, rochie - ZLZ
Bracelet/Brățară - Persunmall
Bow tie as belt/Papion ca brățară - Laboratorul de Papioane
Sneakers/Teniși - random store

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EN:  Hi, guys! I'm still enjoying the warm weather here and I'm dressing accordingly. I've ordered this super cute skirt a while ago from Persunmall and although is a little short than what I'm used to wear I still think it looks pretty nice. I couldn't leave this beautiful print in the closet and not wear it. You should check their site, they have lots of interesting clothes at very good prices.
I wanted this outfit to be sporty-chic so I decided to wear sneakers. I haven't worn them in ages!
The top is in fact a dress that I previously wore here. Do you like the look?

RO: Salut! Eu încă mă bucur de temperaturile ridicate și mă îmbrac conform acestora. :)
Am comandat fusta pe care o port azi acum ceva timp de pe Persunmall și în ciuda faptului că e mult mai scurtă decât sunt eu obișnuită să port, totuși cred că arată destul de bine. Nu puteam să las imprimeul ăsta să zacă undeva prin șifonier fără să îl scot la lumină. Să aruncați o privire pe site-ul lor, au multe haine interesante la prețuri destul de mici.
Am vrut ca ținuta să fie sport-șic și am hotărât să port teniși. Nu mai purtasem de o sută de ani! :)
Bluza e de fapt o rochie pe care am purtat-o aici. Ia ziceți, cum vi se pare?

Skirt/Fustă - Here
Top/Bluză - gift
Necklace/Colier - Romwe
Bag/Geantă - The Bag Shop
Sneakers/Teniși - random store

Having tons of fun! :))) I know, weird face expressions! :)))
Să ne mai și distrăm! Cu multe mutre ciudate! :))

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