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Urban cool


Vest, shirt/Vestă, cămașă - Bershka via kurtmann.ro
Jeans/Blugi - H&M
Shoes/Pantofi - Superpantofi.ro
Earrings/Cercei - Rossetti
Bag/Geantă  - Eponge

EN: What do you do when reality doesn't match your greatest dreams? When the years have passed and you didn't became an astronaut, a race pilot or a princess? You stop making plans or you change the ones you had, reorient yourself according to what you think you can achieve in the present? You give up, you stay in that situation without trying to surpass it or you want to reach other goals? For some. taking a decision might be an easy task, while others are struggling to figure out what the wisest decision might be, the one that can change the course of life. Whatever you choose will be decisive for how the rest of your life will be.
Is interesting how a decision that seemed insignificant when we got it changed our course.
Life is like a slop, is full of ups and downs and it only depends on us how we choose to act when we are up or down.

Be colorful in winter too!


EN: The sacrifices a woman makes for fashion she rarely makes for something else. :) Today I sacrificed (probably) my health in the name of fashion...call me insane, you might be right, call me a lover of fashion no matter what, you're definitely right. :) I wanted to show you what I've worn under my coat and decided to take these photos at -3 degrees Celsius (26.6 F). What a thrill it was! :))
I'm head over heels for this dress, is my favorite color and has a wonderful shape. I pair it with the fluffy navy vest for a nice contrast. The green bag is a gift from my boyfriend and I just love it!
Now tell me: what sacrifices have you made in the name of fashion?

RO: Sacrificiile pe care le face o femeie în numele modei rar le face și pentru altceva. :) Astăzi mi-am sacrificat (cel mai probabil) sănătatea de dragul modei...spuneți-mi nebună, s-ar putea să aveți dreptate, spuneți-mi o iubitoare de modă mai presus de orice, cu siguranță veți avea dreptate. Am vrut să vă arăt ce am purtat pe sub palton așa că am decis să fac poze la -3 grade. Ce aventură a fost! :))
Sunt înnebunită după rochia asta, e în culoarea mea preferată și are cea mai minunată croială. Am purtat-o cu pufoșenia asta bleumarin pentru un contrast interesant. Geanta verde este cadou de la prietenul meu și o iubesc!
Acum spuneți-mi: voi ce sacrificii ați făcut în numele modei?

Dress/Rochie - Topshop
Vest/Vestă - Here
Boots/Cizme - Filty
Earrings, ring/Cercei, inel - Mim
Bag/Geantă - random store

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