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What to Wear: Holiday parties


Party, party, let's party, girls! This month is full of opportunities to party and I'm sure you are as excited about that as I am. Parties are fun, they are a great opportunity to meet new people and socialize, have a few drinks and interact. The first thought in your mind when you think of an upcoming party is what you will wear. Every taste will be satisfied with the party dresses from Jecicadress
Choose the one right for your personality, body shape and more important, the one that applies to the dress code of the party. Don’t be afraid to be bold, even if you choose a simple dress you can add a statement accessory for a more out of the ordinary look. Long, graceful dresses are always the perfect choice for a classy event. You can never go wrong with this kind of dresses.
Be a stunner! What makes you a stunner? Confidence, baby, confidence! This is the word that can change everything. Think you are the most beautiful woman in the world and you will be, is that simple! And with the help of a dress we can have this feeling.
See my proposals for you below.

Sweater weather


Sweater/Pulover - Only via Kurtmann.ro
Jeans/Blugi - H&M
Shoes/Pantofi - Stradivarius
Bag/Geantă - The Bag Shop

EN: We have a mild autumn. I'm glad that the weather has been kind to me, because everything else hasn't. I feel a constant aching. I yearn for better days, I yearn...for lots of things. I think I should make an anonymous blog where I should write my thoughts. :) I don't think this is the place to express them.

As for the outfit, lately I live in pants, in jeans to be more precise. Jeans and sweaters. Like the pretty one from today's post. The embellishments on this sweater makes it really chic, the side cuts makes it interesting. The sweater season is here and I plan on taking advantage of it.
What do you like to wear most in fall/winter?

What To Wear: Sweater Dresses


Babes, is sweater weather! Yeah, I'm good at rimes. :)) I'm even better at giving advices on what to wear this season. And I have to tell you that sweater dresses are a must. They are so easy to wear and definitely comfy an cozy. You can pick from dozens of styles, colors and shapes, depending on your mood and personality. They bring chicness to any look. 
You have lots of options to choose from on Sammydress. Maybe a black sweater dress, it can be a perfect choice for any time of the day and any occasion: school, going out with friends, catching a movie. There is nothing more pleasant than to be stylish and feel warm in a piece of clothing for fall. Plus size sweater dresses or oversized ones are some of my favorites.

Low cut Off-the-shoulder dress - HERE (12,40$)

You can be comfortable and look sexy at the same time. Is very easy if you choose an off-the-shoulder sweater dress. I have to tell you that this type of dress is my favorite. It can be a perfect choice for a night out in the winter time.

On trend boots this fall


Boots season! Yey, yey! Ok, so now that the fall is here I am more than excited to wear boots. And I have so many models to choose from. Joy for my eyes and for my feet! A big hit this autumn are over the knee boots, they are chic, they are sexy. Chunky heels are also very on trend, I always loved chunky heels because they are comfortable and cool too. Let's not forget about studs, a huge YES to studs that can spice up any outfit.
So, girls, we have many options this season. Let's take advantage of them.
See some of my favorites below.

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