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Autumn essentials: the black coat


Coat/Palton - Giorgal
Lingerie/Lenjerie - HERE
Pants/Pantaloni - Mango
Shirt/Cămașă - second hand
Boots/Botine - Deichmann

Photo credit: Sabin Barac 

EN: When I think of the perfect item for the cold season, especially for autumn, the coat comes immediately to my mind. A piece of clothing that is both chic and practical, that we can find in a large variety of designs, colors and fabrics. A coat to keep me warm I was looking for some time now. Most of the designers are only thinking about the aesthetic part forgetting the confort and that's a No, no for me: there is no use in looking good if I'm freezing my ass off. Eventually I got lucky and found the coat that checked both requirements and it's made by a Romanian producer, Giorgal. It was a difficult task to choose it from all the designs that I've liked. I'm happy with my choice and for the first time I wore it decided to include it in an outfit that at first glance might look classical, but when you see the addition of an out of the ordinary element you'll change your mind. I'm talking about the unique "thing" I'm wearing over the shirt, that is included in the "lingerie" category on the site I bought it. I don't know how to name it, but you'll find more like it right here. Of course, if you like my coat or you're searching for a perfect one for autumn, I invite you on noi9.ro where you will surely find what you are looking for.

The cool gang


Shirt/Cămașă - Bershka via Kurtmann.ro
Jeans/Blugi  - American Apparel
Shoes/Pantofi - Stradivarius
Bag/Geantă - Meli Melo
Bowtie/Papion - Laboratorul de Papioane

Blouse/Bluză - Bershka via Kurtmann.ro

EN: I was planning this photo shoot for a month and a half, in fact all that I was planning was to be able to convince my bf to take some photos together. He said yes in many occasions, but his lack of time and the bad weather stood in our way to carry out the photo shooting. Last Sunday the miracle happened! He had some free time, the weather was pretty nice and we had a bonus also: my brother's dear Labrador, the great Pixel, was staying at our place for a few days. :D Pixel isn't the most obedient dog, at least with us, he is all over the place, so I thought we will be up for a challenge including him in this photo shoot. Believe me, I never expected Pixel to be the most understanding one, but he was, unlike my boyfriend and my father, the photographer. The bf didn't listened to me, I said: "Hey, baby, can you stay in this place and do this or that?!". His reply: "No, no, no, the people will stare at me, I'm embarrassed". Ok, I get it, he is not used to be in front of the camera, but come on, I think only two people passed by and they didn't even looked at us. Another thing, I was trying to stay in the middle of the road, so you won't see that many cars around and he was always moving in front of a parked car. How fun! This was the bf, let me tell you a few words about the father too. :)) In the past, he was my photographer, I had good photos, all fine. Well, Sunday, 99% of the photos were blurry, and I'm not talking a little blurry, I'm talking like: "What is that in the photo, is that the dog or Mona, is that you?!" That kind of blurry. I was so happy, like a real lady walking her little chihuahua and thinking about the fabulous photos she will have...hmm, boy, was I incredibly wrong! :)))
All in all, this is the final result, far from what I had in mind, but...
Me and the man are both wearing tops from Kurtmann.ro, he is wearing this comfy blouse and I'm wearing the most versatile shirt. We paired them with jeans, for a casual, yet chic look. Do check out www.kurtmann.ro, because they now have sales up to 80%.
Hope you enjoy the post! 

Houndstooth print and some not very good news


Jacket/Geacă - Sheinside
Tights/Dresuri - Esmara
Bag/Geantă - Eponge
Brooch/Broșă - BURP
Shirt/Cămașă - Tina R
Skirt/Fustă - second hand store
EN: Hi, guys! I'm going through a difficult period. After feeling very ill last week I took some exams and found out I have some health issues I didn't knew about, two important ones. So from now on I need to stick to a precise diet for...I don't know, all my life maybe. I just have a few options of aliments (a very short list) I can eat and I have to say goodbye forever to chocolate (my favorite), coffee and sweets in general. I don't want to make a tragedy out of this, but this news got me by surprise and I still need some time to accept it. As you could have guessed already I wasn't in the mood for outfit photos lately, the weather didn't helped either and I heard is going to be worse these days, snow and shit. This look is from 3 weeks ago. I still have another one prepared and I hope after that I will be able to shoot some other outfits too. 
Have a great week!

Geek-chic in black and white


EN: Hello, babes! I can not wait to begin a new week! I hope this one will be full of wonderful surprises! I'm getting more and more excited since there are only 17 days until my birthday. The wishlist is ready, I only have to share it with my friends and family. :)) I don't want many things this year, just a more advanced lens for my camera. Not cheap, but at least is just one product. :))
As for the outfit, is a casual one for the weekend. The photos were taken a while ago, now is so cold that a lot of layers are necessary and definitely boots. I wore this outfit to the opening of a new pub in Bucharest and it was just right for the occasion.
I will leave you with the photos now, guys, since is a bit late here and I really need a good sleep.
Have a great week!

RO: Salutare! D-abia aștept să înceapă o nouă săptămână! Sper să fie una plină de surprize frumoase, cea din urmă nu prea a adus nimic bun. Sunt din ce în ce mai entuziasmată pentru că mai sunt doar 17 zile până la ziua mea de naștere.  Lista de dorințe este pregătită, tot ce mai lipsește este să o împărtășesc cu prietenii și familia. Off, nu știu ce îi așteaptă, bieții de ei! :))) Ca să știți și voi, anul ăsta nu vreau multe lucruri, doar un obiectiv mai performant pentru camera mea foto. Nu sunt pretențioasă, nu-i așa?! :)) Nu-i prea ieftin, dar măcar e un singur produs. :P
În ceea ce privește ținuta am ales una casual, de weekend. După cum bănuiți fotografiile au fost făcute acum ceva timp când vremea permitea purtarea unei geci subțiri și a unei perechi de pantofi. Acum dacă nu adăugăm câteva straturi de haine pe noi și bineînțeles niște ghete, clar vom îngheța. Am purtat-o la deschiderea unui pub și a fost potrivită ocaziei.
Vă las cu pozele acum, s-a făcut destul de târziu și am nevoie de un somn bun.
O săptămână faină să aveți!

Jacket/Geacă - Jollychic
Shirt/Cămașă - Abelle
Jeans/Blugi - H&M
Shoes/Pantofi - Lovelyshoes
Bag/Geantă - Meli Melo
Bracelet/Brățară - Six
Earrings/Cercei - Rossetti

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