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Stylish Blogger Award


Yey, I got another stylish blogger award, I couldn't be more happy! I wanna thank Victoria from Fashion, Style, Beauty and more for giving me this award (kisses!). So I have to say 7 things about me and nominate 15 bloggers for this award, but since I've already done this once I will give you the link to the post: Fall is here! There you will find 7 random things about me.

Now let's nominate 15 bloggers.
Here they are:
Mad Hatter
Hope Adela
Fancy Teacup
Eve and Sandra

The order in which I choose you, girls, it's random. For me you all rock and are incredibly amazing! If you want to accept and post the award, please post a link to my blog, nominate your 15 favorite bloggers for the award, and share 7 interesting things about you.

Meet my necklaces 1


Hello, my darlings! Long time, no see. Today I will continue with the accessory series and I will show you a part of my necklaces collection. This collection is the second largest so I will need 3 or 4 posts to show it all to you.
Most of them are handmade by our greatest romanian artists.


1. White Trash-MAD, 2. Skeleton-Forever Young 
3. Cameo-random store, 4. The blue one-Joliesse Design
5. The sweet cloud-BURP

1.  Turquoise with metal-BWE, 2. The birdie-Darkchocolate fairy
3. Rainbow-MAD, 4. High maintenance girl-Plohotnuke

1. WTF-MAD, 2. Little birds-Buy Hand
3. Green lace-Ribbonline, 4. Circles-Meli Melo

Wrap me up in lace


Happy New Year again, my dears! How did you spend your New Year's Eve? Hope you had fun and 2011 will be a fantastic year for all of us! As for me, I had a calm night with my bf's brother and his wife and their godfathers. Just talking all night long. It was nice.

This is what I wore on the "night between years", but I made the photos yesterday, because I forgot to take my camera then. I have on my lace dress that I wore as a top with some shiny black leggings and my trusty cardigan tied with a black ribbon. As accessories a pearl brooch and a pearly headband...ohh, and faux leather gloves. Let's not forget about the heels..loving my beige suede shoes.

Lace dress-Etic
Leggings-Phillipe Matignon
Brooch-Biba Bijoux
Shoes, gloves-no name


2010 recap- part 2


Here it is, my last post of 2010 (ohh my this year passed so quickly) and the second part of the outfits I've shown you these couple of months. If you're wondering why you see that pink dress so many times ..well, I did a remix with it, wearing the same dress in 4 different occasions.
Thanks for sticking with me, guys!

With that being said, I wish you all an early Happy New Year, may 2011 be the best year of your lives!

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