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Wow..it's been so long..again!:) And yes, I have the same excuse: my computer died once more. So I've been computer free for almost three weeks! But I received the greatest gift: a laptop! So no more problems with the computer from now on..yuuuu-huuuu!

How you all have been? Any exciting news in your life?:)
I promise I will be checking your blogs and try to catch up with your posts.
If you have some time I would love if you check out the interview with me for Papillon Chouettes's blog and tell me what you think about it. Thanks again, Angie!

I will leave you with the outfit from yesterday (never mind the bottle of water)
Have a great week!

Belt-handmade by BURP
Ring-handmade by Raluca Botez
Sandals-BB up
Skirt-no name

Meet my earrings 4


You guess it right: it's earrings time..again! Part four is here for you, baby!! ;)

                            1. Little flowers-Terranova, 2. Silver feathers-Meli Melo,
                      3. Rio Grande-handmade from a fair,  4.Fake earrings-Ribbonline

 1. Hippie-gift from my brother, 2. Small blue roses-Meli Melo, 3. Glam- random store, 4. Rusty- from a fair

 1. Blue buttons-Terranova, 2. Stripes-random store, 3. Piglets-handmade by a friend, 4. Rods:)-Forever Young

Wonder Fashion giveaway


Usually when I found out about a giveaway that I really like I announce my readers too. This is no exception.
I've entered Anaivilo giveaway some days ago and I invite you to do it too. You can win a gorgeous maxi skirt made by Anaivilo herself.

Fun is our middle name! :)


 Although we were pretty tired me and Angie had fun on her last day in Bucharest (almost the last one:P because she left the next morning at 10 am). Went to Herastrau park and visited Muzeul Satului (The Village Museum) and took some funny photos. She wore that beautiful pleated skirt and the top she bought the day before. I just loved her outfit! Don't you think is great?! I wore a more casual outfit with some handmade touches ( the hand painted bag and the adorable brooches).

Dress as a top-handmade by Rutza
Skirt, shoes, blazer-no name

The keeper of the gate! :D

Riding the wild horses! 

Keeping the tradition..both romanian and american (Pepsi):P
 I'm a naughty gal (watch the hand):)))

My brooches
..and bag

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